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Configure and select the features according to your needs and make your tweets.


Keep up whit the bot operation, according to the performance achieved and accomplished goals, add and adapt functionality.
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Achieve Your Goals

Once you obtained the desired result, look how your visits, interactions and sales increase.

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  • 2 Searches and 5 Mentions
  • Support Via Ticket
  • Integrated Twitter client
  • without Composer
  • without Advanced Searches
  • The bot runs every 15 minutes



  • 4 Searches and 10 Mentions
  • Support Via Ticket
  • Integrated Twitter client
  • without Composer
  • without Advanced Searches
  • The bot runs every 10 minutes



  • Unlimited Searches and Mentions
  • Support Via Ticket
  • Integrated Twitter client
  • Composer
  • Advanced Searches
  • The bot runs every 2 minutes

Demo @DonPlaticador

We trust our product and what can be achieved with it, that is why we offer you our test account @DonPlaticador and his statistics.





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Our Platform

It is a tool designed to fit Twitter accounts that are programmed to send, receive and reply a specific messages. For example:

  • Customer Service: a user asks a question about a product and the Bot seeks and reply whit the exact answer to your question.
  • Increase mentions of brand or profile: interact with users of a specific Target.
  • Branding: increases the interactions and the exposure.
  • Avoid grammatical errors: works with a schedule based on the guidelines of a brand, person or organization.

Generating content


To answer to a Twitter users, a number of pre-defined key words or phrases is set the bot, so you can answer synonyms without having to continually repeat the same answers.

When a user types a tweet containing your username, the Bot process the content and generates a response. This system is very useful if you wish to implement a knowledge database or account for Customer Service to serve as a FAQ.

Searches, you can define one or more responses to one or more keywords or phrases, so the bot can answer synonyms without having to continually repeat the same answers, defining phrases or keywords to search.

All responses generated by the Bot, are stored in a dictionary to avoid typos or sending confusing answers.

With our Composer you dont need to know programming or have technical knowledge, we create simple interface that helps you to create advanced searches, in which you can specify all your criteria, as users, #Hastags, words or phrases to include or omit. ¡The application does the rest!

Setup and Support

Set up your account with your goals, select a language, geographical location and a range to narrow your searches.

Get support from our experts without leaving the application, and avoid losing focus on the most important things.

You can see the Timeline and mentions of your account using our integrated twitter client, which contains all necessary functions to manage your account. This way we facilitate navigation between the application and the account.

Learn more

With over 800 million users, Twitter is one of the most important social networks in the world, the Social Media Marketing has pushed Brands, Artists and Companies to join the network in order to interact directly with their target audience. The limit on the number of characters is an advantage and an opportunity for the operation of Bot, allowing to generate a database more specific and detailed .

To achieve a high quality product, you need to invest onths in research and development. With this research we made an important progress in the field of artificial intelligence.

All our work gained the attention of major associations in the world and is recognized for the same.

Our investigation has been invited to join forums and technological conferences internationally.